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The Portraits of Robert Dudley (5)

Another portrait miniature by Nicholas Hilliard of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, was acquired by the National Portrait Gallery in 1961. Importantly, this miniature is inscribed with the words ‟Ano.Dni.1576 Aetatis Sue 44“, which clearly indicates that Leicester was 44 … Continue reading

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The Marriage of Mary Dudley

On 29 March 1551 Lady Mary Dudley married Henry Sidney, in private; on 17 May 1551 she married him once again, this time in public, at her parents’ house, Ely Place, London. Henry Sidney was 22 in 1551, and he … Continue reading

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Elusive Birth Dates

For medieval man the hour of death was much more important than the hour of birth. With death started, so to speak, another life, the wait for Judgment Day in purgatory; therefore masses for the dead had to be said, … Continue reading

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Lord Harry

For a few years during his childhood Robert Dudley’s eldest and youngest brother both bore the name Henry. The elder Henry died in 1544, aged 19, and the younger Henry at some point had ceased to be the youngest brother, … Continue reading

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The Young Earl of Warwick, Part I

Robert Dudley was 12 when he lost his eldest brother, Henry, during the siege of Boulogne, in the late summer of 1544. The brother to succeed the 19-year-old Henry as the family heir was John, the third son of his … Continue reading

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‟Loving of my Husband“: Jane and Guildford Dudley

She detested Guilford – he was indeed a spoilt, conceited and disagreeable young man – and she told her father that she would not marry him. Her obedience was forced by a beating, and … Guilford made no secret of … Continue reading

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Robert Dudley’s Birthday

When William Camden, in his Annals (1615), was at pains to explain Queen Elizabeth’s attachment to Robert Dudley he resorted to astrology: Whether this proceeded from any virtue of his, whereof he gave some shadowed tokens, or from their common … Continue reading

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