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Did Edward VI Tear Apart His Falcon?

Edward VI was a “cold-hearted prick” according to the eminent Tudor historian G. R. Elton, and often repeated proof of this fact is a story about the 13-year-old king told by Simon Renard, then the emperor’s ambassador in France. On … Continue reading

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The Portraits of Robert Dudley (2)

The portrait of Robert Dudley dressed in silver brocade now at Waddesdon Manor (Buckinghamshire) is believed to have been painted c.1563. The Flemish painter Steven van der Meulen is sometimes believed to be the artist, and he died in 1563 … Continue reading

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Andrew Dudley Meets the Emperor

On 28 December 1552 the Duke of Northumberland imparted his latest thoughts on English diplomacy to his right hand man, Sir William Cecil. King Edward had just okayed the council’s suggestion “to employ ministers abroad for the public weal of … Continue reading

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Sir John Dudley Goes to Spain

On 12 October 1537 England finally was blessed with the prince the country had yearned for so long. Three days later, among “all estates and gentlemen present at the christening” was listed “Sir John Dudley”.1 He already had played his … Continue reading

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A Collection of Princes

All principal residences of the Earl of Leicester boasted so-called long or great galleries, and all contained collections of paintings – early examples of the picture galleries which became so fashionable in the early 1600s. Whether at Leicester House on … Continue reading

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Andrew Dudley’s Rich Apparel

In January 1550 John Dudley, Earl of Warwick was consolidating his position after a recent plot to arrest him by conservative earls, who “some imagineth that they went about the subversion of religion”. To all parties concerned it was clear … Continue reading

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A Duke Undressed – John Dudley in August and September 1553

Though on his way to the Tower the Duke preserved tint bonne myne [a quite good countenance], when he reached his prison they say … his remorse and evil conscience were astonishing. His younger son wept when he was near … Continue reading

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“Very Close and Secret”: The Looming Presence of Torture in the 16th Century

In Late Medieval Europe, torture gradually replaced the ordeal (trial by fire, water, or battle) as the chief investigative method in criminal law. At the same time professional judges educated at universities took over from honourable laymen, and with them … Continue reading

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1553: The Emperor and the Vanquished Duke of Northumberland

Sacred, Imperial Majesty: It has pleased the Divine Mercy, after the many and serious afflictions suffered for many years past by the kingdom of England through its wicked and impious rulers, to give it comfort with the bestowal of that … Continue reading

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