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Melancholy Knights, by Hilliard and Oliver

In 1569 the unmarried courtier, Sir Henry Lee, had the idea that Elizabeth I’s accession day on 17 November (1558) should be specially celebrated at the court with great jousting or tilting. By the 1580s these Accession Day tilts had … Continue reading

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Leicester as Stepfather

Robert Dudley was fond of children.1 As a young uncle he had taken a fancy to his five-year-old nephew Philip Sidney, an affection which lasted for a lifetime; when he visited William of Orange in 1582 the prince’s wife was … Continue reading

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Lettice Knollys, by Nicholas Hilliard

Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester was the earliest and – apart from Queen Elizabeth herself – the most important English patron of Nicholas Hilliard. In 1578 the earl had married Lettice Devereux, the widowed Countess of Essex, and from 1582 … Continue reading

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