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How Henry VIII Got Rid Of His Wives

We left the Ambassador Extraordinary of France, François de Scépeaux, Sieur de Vieilleville, and his companions at the court of Edward VI in early 1547 amazed at how English noblemen behaved towards their sovereign; they even knelt when serving the … Continue reading

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Why the English Serve Their King on Bended Knee

A few weeks into the reign of Edward VI, in early 1547, a French embassy arrived at the English court. They stayed for six days. François de Scépeaux, Sieur de Vieilleville (1509–1571), the special ambassador, was received by the Duke … Continue reading

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John Dudley’s Youth: In Kent, at Court, in France

Edmund Dudley’s decapitated body was buried in the precincts of the Blackfriars monastery in the west of the City of London. Fifteen months later, in November 1511, his widow remarried, on the king’s command; the lucky bridegroom was Arthur Plantagenet, … Continue reading

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Arundel and Northumberland

Revenge. Revenge and liberty were on the mind of Henry Fitzalan, 12th Earl of Arundel, when he addressed his fellow councillors at dinner on 19 July 1553. Having left the Tower under a pretext, the group had decided to leave … Continue reading

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Dudley and Paget, Part I

During the last years of Henry VIII the experienced diplomat, Sir William Paget, served as the king’s Principal Secretary, at the same time that John Dudley, Viscount Lisle rose to be a great Lord Admiral. In the summer of 1546 … Continue reading

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Edward VI – Growing Into His Own

20th century historians have not always been kind to Edward VI, the nine-year-old boy who followed his oversized father, Henry VIII, on the throne in 1547. The famous G. R. Elton, in his best-selling England under the Tudors, was positively … Continue reading

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Who Cared For Little Mary Seymour’s Upkeep?

Mary Seymour, the infant daughter of Katherine Parr and her fourth husband Thomas Seymour, probably did not reach her second birthday. Romantic traditions that she survived into adulthood notwithstanding, there is enough evidence to suggest she was just another victim … Continue reading

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Was John Dudley Behind the Death of Thomas Seymour?

A key element of John Dudley’s Black Legend, often repeated to this day, is that he was responsible for “the hatred” between the Seymour brothers, Edward and Thomas, which resulted in the latter’s execution at the hands of the former … Continue reading

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The Young Earl of Warwick, Part II

Between 12 and 14 years old at the time of her marriage, Anne Seymour was a learned young lady, a correspondent of Continental reformers and poet, who was, with her sisters, eulogized by Ronsard. In view of the younger John … Continue reading

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