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What Did Elizabeth and Essex Shout At Each Other?

According to court gossip a famous scene occurred in 1598, when a handful of councillors met Queen Elizabeth I to discuss the appointment of a new Lord Deputy of Ireland. The Earl of Essex, the queen’s favourite and formerly the … Continue reading

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Melancholy Knights, by Hilliard and Oliver

In 1569 the unmarried courtier, Sir Henry Lee, had the idea that Elizabeth I’s accession day on 17 November (1558) should be specially celebrated at the court with great jousting or tilting. By the 1580s these Accession Day tilts had … Continue reading

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Essex, by Hilliard and Oliver

On his death, the Earl of Leicester’s mantle fell on the shoulders of his stepson, the Earl of Essex. He did not inherit a penny, but he nevertheless was his political heir and was expected to take over his court … Continue reading

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Leicester as Stepfather

Robert Dudley was fond of children.1 As a young uncle he had taken a fancy to his five-year-old nephew Philip Sidney, an affection which lasted for a lifetime; when he visited William of Orange in 1582 the prince’s wife was … Continue reading

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1560 and 1588 – Two Funerals

On 22 September 1560 Lady Amy Dudley was laid to rest at St. Mary’s Church, Oxford. After her sudden death on 8 September the court had gone into mourning for the wife of the queen’s favourite, Hampton Court being “stuffed … Continue reading

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A Great Love: Lettice and Robert Dudley

Lettice, Viscountess Hereford, ‟one of the best-looking ladies of the court“, was 21 and pregnant with her third child, when she attracted the attentions of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, Queen Elizabeth’s great favourite and long-term suitor (and lover, it … Continue reading

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My Lord Steward

The Earl of Leicester dressed in the full attire of a Knight of the Garter is not one of his better known portraits. In the 1580s, though, it became fashionable for Elizabeth’s favourite knights to have themselves painted in their … Continue reading

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Last Letters

His Lordship needed a break. After weeks of preparing for the dreaded Spanish invasion, and then victory celebrations, the Earl of Leicester had last been seen at a palace window with the queen – watching a parade staged by the … Continue reading

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