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A Grand Conspiracy in 1553? – Grants

Money is probably the best evidence for a conspiracy in 1553. The “cash flow” does not only tell us that there was a plot, but also when it took place. In May, but mostly in June 1553, a lot of … Continue reading

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Robert Dudley’s Health

Robert Dudley was a fit man – an excellent dancer and horseman of athletic built. Even his diet was (according to our standards) reasonably healthy: He abhorred the heavy drinking habits of his time and had a taste for salads … Continue reading

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A Collection of Princes

All principal residences of the Earl of Leicester boasted so-called long or great galleries, and all contained collections of paintings – early examples of the picture galleries which became so fashionable in the early 1600s. Whether at Leicester House on … Continue reading

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“If I Were As You”: Robert Dudley and His Siblings

On 18 December 1553 Lord Robert and Lord Guildford were granted liberty to take the air on the leads of the Bell Tower. Imprisoned after their father’s unsuccessful attempt at queenmaking, Robert Dudley was 21, Guildford perhaps 17. On 12 … Continue reading

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Who Cared For Little Mary Seymour’s Upkeep?

Mary Seymour, the infant daughter of Katherine Parr and her fourth husband Thomas Seymour, probably did not reach her second birthday. Romantic traditions that she survived into adulthood notwithstanding, there is enough evidence to suggest she was just another victim … Continue reading

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Was John Dudley Behind the Death of Thomas Seymour?

A key element of John Dudley’s Black Legend, often repeated to this day, is that he was responsible for “the hatred” between the Seymour brothers, Edward and Thomas, which resulted in the latter’s execution at the hands of the former … Continue reading

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Close Allies – Northampton and Northumberland

At 13 William Parr had been married to the 12-year-old Lady Anne Bourchier, heiress of the Earl of Essex; when the earldom became vacant in 1540, however, Thomas Cromwell secured the title for himself and Parr had to wait until … Continue reading

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