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Robert Dudley’s Health

Robert Dudley was a fit man – an excellent dancer and horseman of athletic built. Even his diet was (according to our standards) reasonably healthy: He abhorred the heavy drinking habits of his time and had a taste for salads … Continue reading

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Master of the Buckhounds

Long before he became Master of the Horse, Robert Dudley had been Master of the Buckhounds. At the court of Edward VI he followed his elder brother, John, Viscount Lisle, in the position. What did the Master of the Buckhounds … Continue reading

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Was Amy Dudley Ill? The Evidence

The earliest known mention of Amy Dudley’s health occurred on 18 April 1559 in a dispatch of the Count of Feria to his master King Philip II of Spain: “Lord Robert has come so much into favour that he does … Continue reading

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Was Amy Dudley Ill? The Red Herring

The question whether Amy Robsart, Robert Dudley’s first wife, was suffering from a serious illness has permeated the controversy surrounding her “suspicious death” in recent decades. It was in 1956 that an article by Ian Aird, professor of medicine, appeared … Continue reading

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A Favourite’s Wife: The Lifestyle of Amy Dudley, Part I

The day of Elizabeth’s accession changed Amy Dudley’s life, whether she knew it or not. On 17 November 1558 she was most probably staying at Throcking, Hertfordshire, at the house of Mr. Hyde, where she (and possibly her husband) had … Continue reading

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The Death of Amy Robsart: Accident? Or Suicide?

Lady Amy Dudley née Robsart is best known for falling down the stairs. The question has always been: did she fall, did she jump, was she pushed, or was her body arranged at the foot of the staircase after the … Continue reading

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The Melancholy Duke

John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland was no stranger to melancholy, the malady of princes. “Highest aucthoritie”1 took its toll on his health, which seems to have taken a turn downward from the early years of Edward VI’s reign. Dudley had … Continue reading

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The Young Earl of Warwick, Part III

On 21 June 1553 John Dudley, Earl of Warwick signed the letters patent that declared his sister-in-law, Lady Jane Grey, Edward VI’s heir. His name was one of 102 on the document. Three weeks later, on 10 July, the court … Continue reading

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