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John Dudley’s Childhood, in London

John Dudley was born between February 1504 and February 1505,1 probably in London, Candlewick Street. Apparently, he was named after his grandfather, Sir John Dudley of Atherington, himself a younger son of another John, the formidable first Baron of Dudley … Continue reading

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Master of the Buckhounds

Long before he became Master of the Horse, Robert Dudley had been Master of the Buckhounds. At the court of Edward VI he followed his elder brother, John, Viscount Lisle, in the position. What did the Master of the Buckhounds … Continue reading

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A Favourite’s Wife: The Lifestyle of Amy Dudley, Part II

The house was the grandest place in Cumnor, right at the centre of the village which had grown around this former summer retreat of the Abbots of Abingdon. Built around 1330 as a large quadrangle around two courtyards, it had … Continue reading

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Meeting Lady Norris: Leicester and Hatton at Work

Elizabeth called her ‟mine own crow“:1 Margery Norris, the black-haired wife of Henry Lord Norris of Rycote was the queen’s good friend. Prominent in the counties of Berkshire and Oxfordshire, she and her husband were also old acquaintances of Robert … Continue reading

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Andrew Dudley’s Rich Apparel

In January 1550 John Dudley, Earl of Warwick was consolidating his position after a recent plot to arrest him by conservative earls, who “some imagineth that they went about the subversion of religion”. To all parties concerned it was clear … Continue reading

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A Duke Undressed – John Dudley in August and September 1553

Though on his way to the Tower the Duke preserved tint bonne myne [a quite good countenance], when he reached his prison they say … his remorse and evil conscience were astonishing. His younger son wept when he was near … Continue reading

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A Rare Glimpse of the Servant

On 13 July 1553 John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland had resolved to lead troops against Mary Tudor, who was assembling her supporters in East Anglia to fight for the throne. Northumberland was handed the commission “for his lieutenantship of the … Continue reading

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Before Elizabeth: Amy and Robert Dudley, 1532 – 1558

Amy Dudley née Robsart is most often mentioned in connection with her death, yet she had also a life – and not even an especially “miserable” one, as is usually claimed in sensationalist TV programmes. She was born on 7 … Continue reading

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My Lord Steward

The Earl of Leicester dressed in the full attire of a Knight of the Garter is not one of his better known portraits. In the 1580s, though, it became fashionable for Elizabeth’s favourite knights to have themselves painted in their … Continue reading

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Countess Lettice At Home

In the hours following his very private wedding ceremony in the morning of Sunday, 21 September 1578, the Earl of Leicester changed the agenda and started preparing the household for the queen’s visit two days later. The new Countess of … Continue reading

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