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The Art of Diplomacy: Elisabeth de Valois and Edward VI

In July 1551 the French Maréchal St. André visited the English court, ostensibly to bestow the prestigious Order of St. Michael on Edward VI, but also for negotiations about a marriage between the young English king and the even younger … Continue reading

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Robert Dudley’s Childhood

On 24 June 1532 (or, possibly, 1533) Lady Jane Dudley, the wife of Sir John Dudley, gave birth to her fifth son, Robert. It was a holiday with much street celebration in England, the Feast of St. John the Baptist. … Continue reading

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A Favourite’s Wife: The Lifestyle of Amy Dudley, Part I

The day of Elizabeth’s accession changed Amy Dudley’s life, whether she knew it or not. On 17 November 1558 she was most probably staying at Throcking, Hertfordshire, at the house of Mr. Hyde, where she (and possibly her husband) had … Continue reading

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Andrew Dudley’s Rich Apparel

In January 1550 John Dudley, Earl of Warwick was consolidating his position after a recent plot to arrest him by conservative earls, who “some imagineth that they went about the subversion of religion”. To all parties concerned it was clear … Continue reading

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“Milord Lestre Favorito”: The Zuccaro Drawings, 1575

In early 1575 Robert Dudley invited to England the Italian Mannerist painter, Federico Zuccaro, who had made his name with allegorical decorations. Mostly working in Italy, in the mid-1570s he had travelled to France, to do work for the Cardinal … Continue reading

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Jewels and ‟Such Other Pretty Stuff‟: Robert Dudley Goes Shopping

Robert Dudley’s personal tastes were hardly more extravagant than those of his fellow noblemen, except that Queen Elizabeth expected her ‟honorary consort“ to dress magnificently.1 Thus, when the earl celebrated the Feast of the Order of St. Michael at Warwick … Continue reading

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