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Did Lady Jane Grey Wear Chopines?

The following supposed eyewitness description of Lady Jane Grey is from a 1909 book, Lady Jane Grey, by Richard Davey: ‘”This Jane is very short and thin, but prettily shaped and graceful. … The new Queen was mounted on very … Continue reading

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Lady Jane Grey TV Series

England’s Forgotten Queen: The Life and Death of Lady Jane Grey, a new TV documentary in three parts, will air on 9, 10, and 11 January on BBC Four. The programme is presented by historian Helen Castor, and a handful … Continue reading

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6-9 July 1553: King Edward VI Dies and Lady Jane Grey Becomes Queen

Here’s a little excerpt (bar the footnotes) from my book John Dudley: The Life of Lady Jane Grey’s Father-in-Law: Edward VI died in the evening of 6 July 1553, in the arms of his favourite courtiers Henry Sidney and Thomas … Continue reading

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Is this Amy Robsart?

I was delighted when almost eight years ago I read the suggestion that this young lady might be Amy Robsart. Eric Ives had just published his marvellous book on Lady Jane Grey and mentioned this idea in a footnote. The … Continue reading

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“I Can Saye No More”: John Dudley’s Farewell Speech to the Council

In the morning of 14 July 1553 the streets of London were bustling with preparations for an armed response to the Lady Mary’s challenge against the newly proclaimed queen, Jane. Jane’s father-in-law, the Duke of Northumberland, had been appointed (by … Continue reading

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Guildford Dudley’s Looks

Every Tudor enthusiast knows that Guildford Dudley, Lady Jane Grey’s equally short-lived husband, was blond. This “fact” comes from a supposed eyewitness description of Jane’s solemn entry into the Tower of London, printed in a 1909 “biography” by Richard Davey: … Continue reading

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King Guildford?

In July 1553, in the days following the death of Edward VI, the Greyhound, ”in company of five other of the King’s ships traitorously sent forth by the late Duke of Northumberland to obtain his wicked and devilish purpose against … Continue reading

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Edward VI – The Wills of a King

On 1 March 1553 King Edward VI opened Parliament. Not in the usual way (he was too ill for that), but in a low-key ceremony in Whitehall Palace. On the last day of the month the King performed the closing … Continue reading

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John Dudley’s Last Letter: Is It Authentic?

On the eve of his execution for his attempt to place Lady Jane Grey – his daughter-in-law – on the English throne, John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland was sitting in his cell in the Tower of London writing a letter … Continue reading

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‟Loving of my Husband“: Jane and Guildford Dudley

She detested Guilford – he was indeed a spoilt, conceited and disagreeable young man – and she told her father that she would not marry him. Her obedience was forced by a beating, and … Guilford made no secret of … Continue reading

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