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Some Portraits of Robert Dudley’s Siblings

While Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, was the second most painted person of Elizabethan England after the queen (and a corresponding number of portraits of him survive), we do not have very many portraits of his brother, Ambrose, and his … Continue reading

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The Portraits of Robert Dudley (4)

Nicholas Hilliard was a young goldsmith when in 1571 he produced a ‟booke of portraitures‟ for Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester. 1571 was also the year of Hilliard’s first known work as a ‟limner“ or painter of portrait miniatures. Leicester … Continue reading

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The Marriage of Mary Dudley

On 29 March 1551 Lady Mary Dudley married Henry Sidney, in private; on 17 May 1551 she married him once again, this time in public, at her parents’ house, Ely Place, London. Henry Sidney was 22 in 1551, and he … Continue reading

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Elusive Birth Dates

For medieval man the hour of death was much more important than the hour of birth. With death started, so to speak, another life, the wait for Judgment Day in purgatory; therefore masses for the dead had to be said, … Continue reading

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“If I Were As You”: Robert Dudley and His Siblings

On 18 December 1553 Lord Robert and Lord Guildford were granted liberty to take the air on the leads of the Bell Tower. Imprisoned after their father’s unsuccessful attempt at queenmaking, Robert Dudley was 21, Guildford perhaps 17. On 12 … Continue reading

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John Dudley: The Family Man

“Whatever else may be said of them, the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland produced a large and happy family.”1 Such a statement about a man who is best known for sacrificing his teenage son and daughter-in-law on the altar of … Continue reading

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