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The Earl of Leicester Goes Fishing

Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, liked salads, artichokes (from his own garden), and fish. Unlike King Philip II, who loved to go fishing1 but did not eat fish. (He secured a papal dispensation to eat meat on Fridays). For Robert … Continue reading

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The Earl of Leicester’s Fool

It is well known that Elizabeth I did not suffer fools gladly. Indeed, while she enjoyed to be entertained by the likes of Richard Tarlton, that is outright clowns, her sense of humour had its limits when it came to … Continue reading

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A Collection of Princes

All principal residences of the Earl of Leicester boasted so-called long or great galleries, and all contained collections of paintings – early examples of the picture galleries which became so fashionable in the early 1600s. Whether at Leicester House on … Continue reading

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The Spanish Connection

In May 1537 arrived in England Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, a Spanish diplomat and poet from a most illustrious house. Charles V had sent his new ambassador, temporarily replacing Eustace Chapuys, to negotiate a marriage for the emperor’s cousin, the … Continue reading

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El Garrote or The Spanish Way of Things

The Duke of Northumberland returned from his venture to defend the throne of Queen Jane on 25 July 1553 and the Imperial ambassadors noted, “when he reached his prison they say his only care was to have nobles to judge … Continue reading

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