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Edward VI – Growing Into His Own

20th century historians have not always been kind to Edward VI, the nine-year-old boy who followed his oversized father, Henry VIII, on the throne in 1547. The famous G. R. Elton, in his best-selling England under the Tudors, was positively … Continue reading

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Who Cared For Little Mary Seymour’s Upkeep?

Mary Seymour, the infant daughter of Katherine Parr and her fourth husband Thomas Seymour, probably did not reach her second birthday. Romantic traditions that she survived into adulthood notwithstanding, there is enough evidence to suggest she was just another victim … Continue reading

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What the French Ambassador Never Wrote

The execution of Thomas Seymour in March 1549 by his own brother, the lord protector, has always posed a problem for the admirers of the Duke of Somerset. From the mid-1550s the sin of fratricide became an ugly spot on … Continue reading

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Was John Dudley Behind the Death of Thomas Seymour?

A key element of John Dudley’s Black Legend, often repeated to this day, is that he was responsible for “the hatred” between the Seymour brothers, Edward and Thomas, which resulted in the latter’s execution at the hands of the former … Continue reading

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