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Handkerchiefs and Tennis

On 31 March 1565, the English ambassador in Scotland reported to the former English ambassador in France an incident that had (probably) occurred at Hampton Court. He had heard it from the Earl of Atholl, a grandee at the court … Continue reading

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The Earl of Leicester Goes Fishing

Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, liked salads, artichokes (from his own garden), and fish. Unlike King Philip II, who loved to go fishing1 but did not eat fish. (He secured a papal dispensation to eat meat on Fridays). For Robert … Continue reading

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Handkerchiefs, Tennis, and the Order of St. Michael

There survive several portraits of Robert Dudley dating from around the mid-1560s, all of fairly similar type. The above portrait stands apart because of the silver brocade costume Dudley is wearing and the dog by his side. In the background … Continue reading

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