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Sir Clements Markham on John Dudley

Sir Clements Markham (1830–1916) was Secretary and later President of the Royal Geographical Society, a sailor, explorer and geographer, but also a prolific author and translator. Friends of Richard III will always love him for his 1906 biography, Richard III: … Continue reading

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Guildford Dudley’s Looks

Every Tudor enthusiast knows that Guildford Dudley, Lady Jane Grey’s equally short-lived husband, was blond. This “fact” comes from a supposed eyewitness description of Jane’s solemn entry into the Tower of London, printed in a 1909 “biography” by Richard Davey: … Continue reading

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King Guildford?

In July 1553, in the days following the death of Edward VI, the Greyhound, ”in company of five other of the King’s ships traitorously sent forth by the late Duke of Northumberland to obtain his wicked and devilish purpose against … Continue reading

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Lord Harry

For a few years during his childhood Robert Dudley’s eldest and youngest brother both bore the name Henry. The elder Henry died in 1544, aged 19, and the younger Henry at some point had ceased to be the youngest brother, … Continue reading

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Royal Blood! So What?

Ambrose, Robert Dudley’s elder brother, may have been married to secret royal blood, we learn in a new book, Bessie Blount, by Elizabeth Norton. In recent years it has become fashionable to enlarge Henry VIII’s family of illegitimate children, Elizabeth … Continue reading

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‟Loving of my Husband“: Jane and Guildford Dudley

She detested Guilford – he was indeed a spoilt, conceited and disagreeable young man – and she told her father that she would not marry him. Her obedience was forced by a beating, and … Guilford made no secret of … Continue reading

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Lord Guildford, Lady Jane’s Cousin

Among the countless books dealing with Lady Jane Grey, England’s Nine Days Queen, there seem to be very few which make mention of the blood relationship between her and her husband. One is by David Mathew, published in 1972. On … Continue reading

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