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The Spanish Connection

In May 1537 arrived in England Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, a Spanish diplomat and poet from a most illustrious house. Charles V had sent his new ambassador, temporarily replacing Eustace Chapuys, to negotiate a marriage for the emperor’s cousin, the … Continue reading

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“Very Close and Secret”: The Looming Presence of Torture in the 16th Century

In Late Medieval Europe, torture gradually replaced the ordeal (trial by fire, water, or battle) as the chief investigative method in criminal law. At the same time professional judges educated at universities took over from honourable laymen, and with them … Continue reading

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1553: The Emperor and the Vanquished Duke of Northumberland

Sacred, Imperial Majesty: It has pleased the Divine Mercy, after the many and serious afflictions suffered for many years past by the kingdom of England through its wicked and impious rulers, to give it comfort with the bestowal of that … Continue reading

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Lord Harry

For a few years during his childhood Robert Dudley’s eldest and youngest brother both bore the name Henry. The elder Henry died in 1544, aged 19, and the younger Henry at some point had ceased to be the youngest brother, … Continue reading

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